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Help to bridge the pharmacy cancer care gap in your community


To inspire, support & enable community pharmacists to provide exceptional cancer care to their patients

About Us

The ECPN is an innovative, clinical oncology education & care service developed by Extend Pharmacy that serves to support frontline pharmacists and their patients receiving cancer medications in the community.  ECPN is designed to help bridge the pharmacy cancer care gap in communities across Canada.  

Why Join ECPN?

Community pharmacists are highly accessible and trusted healthcare providers. Community pharmacists continue to demonstrate expanding skillsets and clinical expertise needed to help improve accessibility to care and address gaps in our healthcare systems.  A cancer treatment paradigm shift toward take home cancer drug (THCD) therapies and supportive care medications represents a significant need and opportunity for community pharmacists to better understand oncology therapies, toxicity monitoring and complex drug interactions to support their patients.  Pharmacists are accessible experts in medication therapy management and supportive care but need a timely and reliable method to access cancer care information and support to guide their practice.

Who should join ECPN?

Any community pharmacist who has an interest in learning about and staying current with cancer treatments and practical symptom management and supportive care strategies for your oncology patients.

ECPN Essentials Community

Is a dynamic hub designed for pharmacists to support cancer care at community pharmacy level.  Through posts, infographics, discussions and surveys, and led by expert Extend Oncology & Hematology Pharmacists, the ECPN Essentials Hub serves to relay timely oncology care information in bite-sized formats for busy community pharmacy professionals.